Get Results With Blogging – It Starts With a Niche

Create Your Own Economy

I started this series with the intention of giving your some great ideas to start a side hustle or business to create your own economy. There’s nothing like using your skills to make a living out of thin air and get paid for it.

Blogging is still considered new by many, but professional blogging has really taken off. It’s become one of the best ways to earn passive income-good income. With companies hiring professional bloggers in sports, fashion, news, technology and more, there’s no reason why you can’t become a professional blogger yourself. Besides the bloggers that companies hire, there are those who create and maintain blogs that earn a part or full time income-from home. Part of getting my blog to where it is today was all made possible from my membership to “The Niche Blogger.”

This membership site really does take blogging to the next level by making it easy. I also fell in love with Amy Bass’ story of how she paid off her $70K debt in 18 months.

Here are my tips to get you started on being a pro-blogger and stop procrastinating:

Choose a subject that you are trained in or have spirited conversations with friends about-relationships, fashion, beauty, sex, style, celebrity gossip, etc. If you’re in college, I suggest blogging in your major. For example, if you’re an Economics major perhaps a blog on the latest news and shifts in this area, maybe an interview here or there with some experts in your community. It also allows you to network, send a link with your resume, and show employers you mean business $$$. Nowadays, you have to step out of the box.
Consider being an Affiliate and promote other people’s products until you get your own. You also may not have the time.
Get the blog in order by creating a mailing list using Feedburner, Aweber, or Feedblitz. I’ve used all, prefer Aweber. Make it such that folks have to sign up to receive more information from you in terms of a free giveaway, etc. Communication with your list allows you to build a relationship with your readers.
Gather other expert bloggers. Let readers know that there are people who agree and like your stance. They can also write about professional topics that you can’t. For example, if you have a fashion blog, but know nothing about being a seamstress. You can get a guest blogger to do a write up on that.
Subscribe to professional blogs and newspapers in your niche. While you are getting your feet wet, you can respond to what you are reading and get feedback from your own readers. Eventually, you’ll get your own ideas.
Right now, I’m planning a trip to go to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer, one of my favorite, dreamy places. Imagine – instead of having to drive to work every day you really can have blogs earning passive income for you.

What are you doing to create your own economy?

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